Home Safety Considerations During COVID

Home Safety Considerations During COVID

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Home safety in the time of COVID comes with a lot to think about, because the way we approach the idea of safety has changed. Having a clean home with good air quality is one important aspect, but it’s also crucial to take preventative measures when it comes to things like plumbing simply because issues with the supply chain have made it harder to get tools and materials for certain repairs. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make your home safer and more secure; take a look at Physicalsecurityonline.com for resources that will help you stay on top of the latest technology and personal safety tips, and don’t forget to take the exterior of your home into consideration when making changes.

Get insured

The right home insurance can make a big difference where your safety is concerned, and taking preventative measures can ensure that you don’t have to lay out a large chunk of money for home repairs as costs skyrocket due to supply issues. Flooding is a major (and costly) concern for many homeowners as the seasons change, but you can find peace of mind by insuring your home against flood damage. This will be separate from your homeowner’s policy and may even be required by your lender if you live in a flood plain. Flood insurance is typically subsidized by the government, so do some research on policies in your area and look at your tax records to find out whether your home lies in a spot that’s prone to flooding.

Boost the air quality

Home protection comes in many forms, including making sure the air quality is high. Mold, dirty HVAC filters, dusty carpets, and old appliances in need of repair can all contribute to unhealthy or even dangerous air quality inside your home, so it’s a good idea to check for leaky pipes, replace filters, clean the carpets (or install laminate), and have older appliances fixed or replaced. Look online for a qualified appliance repair specialist who has great customer reviews; you may even be able to find special deals or discounts by using a review website. Staying healthy is crucial during a time when many hospitals and healthcare services are overwhelmed.

Lock it down

Safety and security go hand in hand, and these days you can find lots of home security options that will help you feel better about spending more time at home. From smart locks to doorbell cameras, there are tons of security tools you can utilize that won’t break the bank. You can even hook up a camera that sends a live feed to your phone so you can monitor things no matter where you are. Take a look at your options and think about what your needs are before making a decision on your home security investment.

Give the kids a safe place to play

Your home is a haven for your family, and once you feel secure, it’s important to also make sure each room is a safe place for the kids to play. Spending more time at home means it’s crucial to prevent accidents, so take this time to install anti-tip brackets on the back of furniture, remove trip or slip hazards, install baby gates at stairwell openings, and check out the backyard for toxic plants or sharp objects that could hurt little feet.

Making safety changes to your home will give you peace of mind throughout the year that you and your family will remain healthy and secure, and it could also save you quite a bit of money at the same time. Take stock of your home to get an idea of your needs, and don’t forget that preventative measures are important, too.

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