Security Supervisor – Jamesburg, New Jersey

Security Supervisor – Jamesburg, New Jersey

UNITED STATES – Jamesburg, New Jersey

POSITION: Security Supervisor

COMPANY: Canon Inc. is a corporation specialized in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment. It is headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan.


Position Overview

The Security Supervisor (Supervisor, Security) manages the administrative supervision of the security organization. Provides protection for personnel and company property. May arrange for extra protection for key employees. Develops, implements and maintains security procedures to meet required codes and regulations. Analyzes loss control and accident reports.  Prepares and maintains all required security manuals. Works on issues of limited scope. Follows established practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained.


Monitors all movement of persons and packages in and out of the facilities to maintain a secure office area and ensure the safety of employees and property

Observes personnel, visitors, contractors, and customers throughout the buildings and responds to reports of suspicious or unusual activity to prevent loss or damage to property or equipment

Performs checks and adjustments to electronic and computer equipment to ensure accurate response to fire, smoke, or unauthorized entry

Prepares schedules for vacation, time off, weekly, and daily coverage for Security personnel

Prepares weekly reports and memorandums to the Security Manager on property damage, safety hazards, theft, and vandalism; Analyzes and presents data collected under the Region Stat system to security management

Issues identification and access cards to employees and visitors

Responds quickly and effectively to all emergencies such as power failures, fire alarms, bomb scares, and personal injuries to ensure the safety of persons in the building

Manages the access systems of the facility

Oversees housekeeping contractor as to the performance of the cleaning crew

Oversees and schedules the training of Security personnel to keep current in CPR and EMT

Maintains safety and OSHA compliance records of the facility


5+ years experience in Law Enforcement Procedures and Emergency First Aid Treatment required

3 – 5+ years supervisory experience required

Occasional exposure to outdoor conditions, walking and patrolling in some unpleasant elements

MS Office Suite experience is required

Occasional local travel up to 10%

High School degree or equivalent

SALARY: Not specified
Not specified