How Effective are Home Alarms in Deterring Burglars?

How Effective are Home Alarms in Deterring Burglars?

If you are thinking of purchasing a home alarm system then the first question that may pop in your head is whether or not such systems actually deter crime? The good news is research findings seem to indicate that they are in fact quite effective in deterring crime. However, in order to maximize home security the home alarm system must include the latest and greatest security features. For instance, a home alarm system should include state of the art cameras, motion detection sensors, as well as cutting edge monitoring services. Having such features will ensure that your loved ones are safe and that your property is kept intact.

The Facts

Did you know that insurance companies pay out millions of dollars annually in order to make claim payments that were caused by break-ins? Furthermore, the costs incurred are shared by policyholders via increased premiums. As such, investing the right amount of money to purchase the best home security system money can buy will save your money in the long run, not to mention keeping your prized possessions where they should be; at home.

A 24 hour monitoring system will reduce the likelihood that you or a family member will become a victim of a break-in while at home. Your premiums will also cost you less, as we provide an insurance premium discount to customers who purchase a 24/7 home alarm system.

Crime Statistics

The numbers are in, and they aren’t pretty. Every 90 seconds someone’s home is broken into somewhere. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, many break-ins actually take place during broad daylight instead of during the night: This is because burglars are more likely to rob a home if they think the residents are out at work or school.

Moreover, the majority of thieves who break into homes aren’t even professional thieves, and use simple tools to break into homes; such as a crowbar or credit card. Also, most criminals enter a home via a ground-floor door or window or through the basement of the domicile. Burglars are hardened criminals that will use force, speed, and concealment in order to break into a home, so caution must be exercised when dealing with such scoundrels.

Burglar Deterrents that Work

There are many steps that you can take to reduce the risk of a break-in at your property. For instance, you can get a home security check to help the professionals devise a security plan for you. Having door and window locks that are clearly visible may also deter criminals from trying to break in. Evidently, installing a home security system can not only scare off prospective burglars but also protect your home in the event of a break-in.

Security cameras installed at strategic vantage points will also ensure that anyone trying to break-in when be caught on camera, with the necessary intel being fast forwarded to the appropriate authorities. Alarms are also a must, as they are highly effective at chasing burglars out before they are able to actually abscond with your possessions.

Motion activated lights are a silent but highly effective way to scare off burglars, as they may think that someone is actually at home even if no one actually is. Smart blinds are yet another security measure that you can take to deter burglars from breaking into your home.

What Police Have to Say About Home Alarm Systems

When an alarm is triggered most burglars, who are actually amateur criminals in reality, will immediately panic, drop whatever they’re doing, and run for the hills. By causing a ruckus, many thieves will leave evidence behind, which will lead to their prompt arrest and incarceration. As such, any stolen items will be returned to your home in record time, and you will have peace of mind knowing that a criminal is behind bars so that they can’t reoffend for a very long time.

Additional Security for Your Home While On Vacation

With winter around the corner many snowbirds will be leaving for sunnier skies in the not too distant future. However, leaving your home unattended will make it an easy target unless you take the necessary precautions to keep it nice and secure. For instance, make a visit to your local post office and stop all incoming mail until you return home after a much deserved break. If you are leaving during the spring or summer then ask a considerate neighbor to cut your grass or mow your lawn while you are away. Or, if you are leaving during the winter, then ask them to shovel your drive or walkway while you’re away.

Any home deliveries should also be put on hold until you return. You can also use electronic timers to maintain normal lighting patterns while you are out. Moreover, ask your neighbor if they can place one of their garbage bins in front of your home on collection day. Another tip is to leave your radio on, with a timer activated, in order to simulate normal use. If you’re lucky, you can even get a neighbor to park their car in your driveway when they return home from work.

You can also ask them to pick up your flyers so that a pileup of papers does not form. It is also very important to not let too many people know that you are actually going on vacation. Of course, you can tell close family and friends, but avoid telling service people or complete strangers that you are leaving the province or country for an extended period of time. Evidently, don’t forget to lock your garage door before you leave, and use your work address on your luggage tags so that a prospective thief won’t be able to locate your domicile.

In sum, having a home security alarm system will deter prospective burglars from breaking into your home. So investing money in a security system can not only protect your most prized possessions but also prevent a possibly violent home invasion.


Rebecca Hills
Rebecca Hills is the community manager at CPS Alarms. She loves to write about home security and home improvement. She leverages her knowledge to educate people for keeping their homes safe.