From Security Guards To Digital Sensors; Pros And Cons Of All Security Solutions

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From Security Guards To Digital Sensors; Pros And Cons Of All Security Solutions

Having a sense of security is imperative. Whether it is your residence or your place of work, if it is secured and well guarded, you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Along with all the furnishing, and the exquisite decor, the security solutions in your house and your technically sound office must be appropriate and legitimate. Ever since the the world around us began to develop with more and better scientific inventions, our homes and offices and other places began to get laden with electronic devices to get our lives easier and more dependent on these gadgets. But with these technological advancements, came many wore security solutions which are technically more capable and accurate.

As said before, there have been many technical advancements when it comes to security solutions of all places. The most important of these solutions are the traditional ones where manual security is opted and the technical ones which include security cameras, alarm systems, CCTV cameras like the ones provided by K9 Patrol Security Services, surveillance systems and what not! You can protect everything and anything with the help of these systems starting from the doors of your house and to the crucial data files in your laptop, you name it, they protect it!

Let us know everything about these security systems on whom we are so dependent for our safety!

Security guards

One of the oldest and still the most trusted ways to protect our homes and offices and restaurants and every other place we can think of going is hiring security guards. You can see security personnels in almost all private and public places, events and also work places. Nowadays there are private security services that can provide you with security guards.


  • They act as the first and physical deterrence from theft and unwanted situations.
  • They offer the first resolution to any such issues on site itself.
  • They are the ones which are the first barrier and provide constant security to the premises.


  • They can become a liability on the employer and at times get bored of the job and become careless. 

CCTV Cameras

Probably the first technological advancement in this field were the security cameras and CCTV cameras. For most of us they might be the same, but they are different but fall in the same category. You can see that almost all the buildings now have CCTV camera installations to tighten their security arrangements. So now you can sit back on the chair in one room and keep an eye on each corner of the building.


  • One stop solution to the security arrangements. These cameras can help you watch all the corners of the building without being physically present.
  • Most of them come with a recording feature to record and store the video footage for future reference.
  • Over the years, they have become more popular and less expensive and therefore can be easily installed in all premises whether small or big.
  • They can be integrated with many other security systems for better performance.


  • They are hackable and so they are not foolproof security systems.
  • You can still have blind spots in the arrangements even after installing cameras. 

Alarm systems 

Alarm systems are the ones that alert you when your property is hampered or accident takes place due to unscrupulousness. These devices are smart, easy to learn and operate and will inform you immediately about any intrusion in your property.


  • They give immediate information of any unwanted activity in your property.
  • Not just for physical intrusion, alarm systems can also make your aware of fire and smoke.
  • They can be easily installed and also integrated with other security systems.
  • They will be functional 24/7 which is not possible by appointing security guards.


  • They are expensive as compared to other security options.
  • Theft of these alarm systems is also an issue.
Bogdan Susnea
Bogdan Susnea, CEO of K9 Patrol Security Services, is focusing on efficient security solutions to tackle prevailing safety issues. He has observed the need for diverse security solutions which includes security dogs, security guards, door supervisors and CCTV & alarm systems.